X65 – 8/16-bit computer

X65 is a retro/modern 8-bit computer that I designed inspired by the architecture of Commander X16 (CX16). It is based on the legendary 6502 processor, which, incredibly, is still in production in 2023 (W65C02). In the future I intend also to experiment with the 16-bit successor 65816.

X65 is an open-source – you can find all schematic and sources in my GIT repository:

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License clarification: the electronic (schematic and PCB) and FPGA (Verilog) design is completely done by me. There is no copy-paste from CX16 (whose schematic at the moment is not available publicly anyway), the exception being the VERA FPGA, which is open-source/free and that is acknowledged. Running of CX16 ROMs on the system is subject of their own copyright matter, therefore these are not included in the repository – you have to get them yourself from other location.