Single-Board version of X65, now on Hackaday

In the last 2 months I have re-done my X65 double-decker computer into a Single Board Computer (SBC).

The single-board version fixes some of the electrical problems I had on the first version and it has way better signal integrity thanks to the 4-layer PCB. Other than that, the feature-set is basically identical.

  • added the mono speaker with volume control.
  • added (Olimex) UEXT connector – 2×5 pins connected to the NORA FPGA.
  • added internal bus extension connector 2×10 pins.
  • added DIP switches and internal status LEDs.

The complete Kicad project is on the github as usual: X65-SBC.

I have also created this as a project on Hackaday: X65-SBC.


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