EPD Display Working!

Today I have managed to get the GDE021A1 ePaper display (EPD) working! I used my minimal EPD-Driver board, which implements a flat-flex cable connector and a booster circuit for the display. The booster generates high voltages needed for display operation (around +-25V). The display is driven by STM32F101 Cortex-M3 CPU, mounted on a universal PCB. The picture below depicts my workbench setup (click to see a full-size image):

EPD Driver Prototype-workbench view with captions

EPD Driver Prototype-workbench view with captions

The whole circuit is powered by a single 3.3V source. The STM processor is programmed via JTAG cable by ST-LINK/V2 programmer.¬† The processor communicates with MCU embedded in the display via SPI protocol. Simple logic analyzer with USB interface was used to debug the communication. (This is actually my first encounter with STM and Cortex-M3 processors ūüôā )

Detail  of the CPU wiring:


For firmware I used parts from GDE021A1 display demo code. It comes with several static demo images that can be displayed. Here are few examples:


ePaper displays do not consume any power to keep a static image on. But how much do they need when actively redrawing screen? I fitted a 22.5-Ohm resistor into the power supply rail of the driver assembly, partly as a crude short-circuit protection and partly to be able to measure the current.

The picture below shows an oscilloscope trace of voltage across the 22.5Ohm resistor. Each 200mV vertical division corresponds to 8.9mA. Trace is triggered at the start of a redraw sequence of an image frame:


Peak consumption is about 44mA, although this is likely an artefact of the simple measurement technique. Steady-state consumption is about 20mA. The redraw sequence takes about 1.2s to complete.


Minimal connection between display and a CPU:




  1. hi Jara,

    first many thanks for sharing your skills , this is very pleasant and super !!
    Do you think if we can control gde021a1 with arduino uno?


  2. Hello Jara,

    I am working on interfacing Rl78/G1C with Eink(Pervasive Displays)/Epaper using SPI protocol.
    Facing issues in coding
    Kindly share your guidance regarding the issue.
    Thanks n advance!

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